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Pomegranate Molasses

Rs. 400 from Rs. 389

A wonderful, unique ingredient of Lebanese cooking is pomegranate molasses. Made by boiling down the juice of pomegranates...

Turkish Hot Pepper Paste - Biber Salcazi 200g

Rs. 899

Doyen Turkish Hot Pepper paste is a popular Middle Eastern condiment made from red chili peppers. This is a...

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Orange Blossom Water 750ml

Rs. 1,600

Product Of Lebanon, Yamama Orange Blossom Water is the most popular brand across the middle east and America....

Doyen Date Mustard Relish 200g

Rs. 375

This delicious combination of fiery mustard and sweetness of dates makes for an unique spread. Use it as a...

Date Dhibs - Original Date Syrup 200g

Rs. 250

This delicious premium date syrup from the Middle East is all natural, made from the finest middle east...

Tahini - For Hummus, Salads and Shawarma

Rs. 240

Tahini or Tahina, also known as Ardeh, is a condiment made from toasted ground hulled sesame seeds. Tahini...

Acacia Honey 200g

Rs. 330

Acacia honey is a clear, liquid gold very smooth honey with the sweet flavour of the acacia white...

Sidr Honey 200g

Rs. 380

Sidr honey is one of the most revered honey and finds mention in ancient Middle East mythology. High...