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Ajwa - Premium Grade Dates

Rs. 1,399 from Rs. 1,200

Cultivated near the holy city of Al-Medina Al-Munawwarah, Ajwa is a delightfully soft fruity date with a fine...

Arabic Cinnamon Tea 50g

Rs. 450

A perfect blend of black tea and rich cinnamon. Rich soothing taste with a wonderful aroma Anti-inflammatory, reduces the risk...

Arabic Kawha Cardamom Tea 50g

Rs. 625

Arabic Cardamon Tea also known as Kawha is a traditional green preparation made with exotic spices.  Has a...

Assorted Baklava

from Rs. 625

Finest, thinnest layers of Fillo dough with rich dry fruit fillings and honey sweetened just the right amount,...

Assorted Dip Dates

Rs. 675

Luxury premium Saudi Arabian Dates deseeded and filled with roasted cashew and dipped in exotic persian cream and...

Assorted Gold Platter

Rs. 3,200

An assortment of premium filled dates, stuffed turkish figs and stuffed turkish apricots. The 13 inch platter is...

Baharat Seasoning

Rs. 170

Baharat means spices in Arabic. It is a blend that is a complex balance of spicy flavours. Savoury...

Berbere Seasoning

Rs. 200

Berbere is an all-purpose, hot fragrant spice blend that is an integral ingredient in Ethiopian cuisine. Full of...

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Brown Zimmer Box
Assorted Dip Dates

Rs. 1,300

Luxury premium Saudi Arabian Dates with filling and coated with assortment of crunchy roasted Pistachios, Almonds and Cashews....

Brown Zimmer Box
Assorted Filled Dates

Rs. 1,250

Luxury premium Saudi Arabian dates with rich assorted fillings of Roasted Californian Almond, Roasted Cashew, Pistachio, Butterscotch, Californian...

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Brown Zimmer Box
Assorted Kokodates

Rs. 1,050

Luxury premium Saudi Arabian Dates deseeded and filled with assortment of roasted Californian Almond and Spanish Orange Peel...

Cajun Seasoning

Rs. 150

A fiery chilli spice with sweet herbal notes. Fashioned partly from colonial influences, a stylish mix of French...