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Khidri - Premium Grade Dates

Rs. 575 from Rs. 550

These dark reddish-maroon fleshy dates have caramel-like taste and are one of nature's most delectable gifts. No wonder...

Safawi - Premium Seedless Dates

Rs. 575

Characterized by their dark brownish- black colour and long form, Safawi's are premium, soft and chewy, deliciously sweet...

Ajwa - Premium Grade Dates

Rs. 1,399 from Rs. 1,200

Cultivated near the holy city of Al-Medina Al-Munawwarah, Ajwa is a delightfully soft fruity date with a fine...

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Deglet Noor - Premium Middle East Dates 500g

Rs. 500

This prized date variety with translucent, smooth chewy firm texture, sophisticated nutty flavor, subtle honey-like sweetness, appeals to...

Mabroom - Premium Seedless Dates

Rs. 700

Savoured for its luxurious caramel-like chewy taste and perfect sweetness, Mabroom's are slender dates with long firm, semi-translucent...

Mejdoul - Premium Seedless Dates

from Rs. 975

Prized for their large size, extraordinary sweetness and succulent texture Mejdoul's are juicy dates. There's nothing in the...

Omani - Premium Seedless Dates

from Rs. 375

Omani dates are a delicious treat for date lovers. These medium sized, plump and moist dates are utterly...

Sokari - Premium Seedless Dates

Rs. 725 Rs. 675

Known as royal dates, Sokari are cone shaped dates. Succulent and mildly sweet these candy tasting dates have...

Dates Duet - Khidri + Safawi 500g

Rs. 725

2-in-1 pack. Enjoy the best of Saudi dates, Khidri and Safawi premium dates in this combo pack. Pack...

Segai - Premium Dates

from Rs. 575

Segai dates are characterised by their multi-coloured hues. Oblong in shape, they feature a whitish band on top...

Doyen Date Dhibs - Date Syrup 200g

Rs. 250

This delicious date syrup is all natural, made from the finest middle east dates. Having no added sugar...