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Ras Al Hanout - Moroccan Seasoning

Rs. 170

If there’s one blend considered to be the most important and emblematic of Moroccan cuisine it is Ras...

Hot n Sweet Paprika Seasoning

Rs. 150

HOT and Sweet Paprika is a popular and essential ingredient in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean recipes. This richly...

Lebanese Shish Taouk Seasoning

Rs. 170

Shish Taouk is a traditional marination spice of Middle Eastern cuisine with grilled Shish Taouk chicken being the...

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Falafel Seasoning

Rs. 170

A traditional and popular Arabic food, Falafel is a complex blend of ten spices. Mix this with soaked...

Sumac Spice Powder (100g)

Rs. 249 Rs. 225

Sumac is a widely used Middle Eastern spice characterised by a sour citrus-flavour and used in place of...